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Ecl1pse (Eclipse) Belgian Milk Chocolate

Ecl1pse chocolate has only 1% added sugar, no soy, no artificial ingredients and 50% less sugar and about twice the milk and cocoa content compared to regular milk chocolate. It is darker, smoother, more intense and creamier than any other milk chocolate. This is the lowest sugar % on the market.

Ecl1pse offers chefs a milk chocolate option with 50 per cent less sugar than regular milk chocolate, but around twice the milk and cocoa content. Ecl1pse is darker, smoother, creamier and more intense than other milk chocolates, but still has a classic sweet taste. 

It was created as a healthier alternative to its original milk chocolate, with no artificial ingredients or gluten either.

Callebaut recommends Ecl1pse for pastries and dessert such as chocolate mousse, brownies, ice cream and lava cakes as it has an intense chocolate flavour, while still being as sweet as milk chocolate. However it is an "acquired taste", so it can be used in conjuntion with regular milk chocolate, 50/50, to reduce the total sugar content of a dish by a third. 



Product Code: CAL86FWW62


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