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Product Information

NESTLÉ Docello Chocolate Flavour Mousse Mix is a free flowing


 powdered mix with the benefit of added calcium, that 


when prepared, provides a delicious dessert, with a rich, full flavour


 of chocolate. While it is ideal for tempting desserts that require very


 little preparation, you can also use it as a creative base for


 traditional or modern dessert styles.



Features and Benefits

Low GI (32)

Reduced Fat (78% less fat than a chocolate mousse made with chocolate, eggs, sugar and cream)

Source of Calcium (13% RDI)

Gluten Free

No Artificial Colours



1. Place iced water (<4°C) in a bowl and add correct amount of mousse mix. 
2. Use a balloon whisk attachment & mix on medium speed for 1 minute, or until mixture is fully combined. Scrape sides. 
3. Resume mixing on high speed for 6 minutes. 
4. For best results & maximum yield gently transfer mixture from the mixing bowl to a piping bag. Pipe into individual serving dishes and chilled for a minimum 1 hour before serving.

To obtain a richer mousse, part or all of the water can be replaced with skim milk. It is important that the skim milk temperature is not higher than 0-4°C.

1L Chilled Water or Skim Milk = 500g
(approx 48 x 100mL serves)

2L Chilled Water or Skim Milk = 1kg
(approx 96 x 100mL serves)

3L Chilled Water or Skim Milk = 1.5kg
(approx 144 x 100mL serves)

3.8L Chilled Water or Skim Milk = 1.9kg
(approx 182 x 100mL serves)


Ingredient list When reconstituted: Skim Milk, Whipping Agents [Vegetable Fat, Glucose Syrup Solids, Emulsifier (472b), Milk Solids, Stabilisers (401, 450), Food Acid (Citric)], Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Skim Milk Powder, Gelatine, Mineral Salt (341)(from Milk), Stabilisers (407, 450, 339), Colour (150a), Flavour. Contains milk. Made on equipment that also processes products containing soy


Made in New Zealand from imported and local ingredients

Product Code: NESYQIIH52


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